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Temperature Calibration - Cole-Parmer

Temperature Calibration - Cole-Parmer
Temperature Calibration - Cole-Parmer

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Temperature is one of the most frequently measured parameters in industrial processes. A wide variety of mechanical and electrical thermometers are used to sense and control process temperatures. Regular calibration of these thermometers is critical to ensuring consistent quality of product manufactured, as well as providing regulatory compliance for some industries.

Because external thermometers are more accurate, they increase the relative significance of other components of calibrations uncertainty, such as uniformity and stability. It is, of course, critical in any calibration to account for all sources of uncertainty in the process.

The complete system is calibrated using the drywell or micro-bath to compare the reference probe and UUT. The transmitter is adjusted to ensure that the indicator or controller agrees with the reference probe readout. This calibration method is most representative of the real process, is faster and simpler to perform.

on: 8/5/2019


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